Pet Grooming

Is your pet’s fur getting a bit long?  Have they been playing outside and now have half of the yard collected in their coat?  We have solutions to your problems.  Our professional groomer has experience in many different breed and cut styles, and can have your pet looking and smelling their best.

Call or email us to set up a grooming appointment, at which our groomer will meet with you to discuss your exact preferences.  All grooms include a bath, nail trim, neck adornment (bandana, necklace, bowtie, etc.), and a stylized cut or shave as desired.  Your pet will be ready to impress all of their friends and yours!

Don’t need a haircut?  No problem, we also offer baths, nail trims, anal sac expressions, ear cleanings and more.  Your pet will come home with a clean coat, clean ears and smelling like part of the family again.